Collection Operations: Tag elements

Thank you so much for your comprehensive and fast response, luckily I managed to pass this step. But ı am struggling with another issue, which is a step for Reference-based RNA-Seq Analysis step before the DeSeq2. I am having trouble with tagging. I can share my history, if someone can help me I would really appreciate that. (I applied the similar approaches in the tutorial but it didn’t work)

My Galaxy history:

Hi @sudeboler

Thanks for sharing your history!!

The first column of the convert file needs to match the existing element identifiers.

Screenshot of what you have right now:

Try changing this:

SRR26682943 group:WT

To this. For each line do the same.

SRR26682943_WT group:WT

The Tag elements function first makes a “match” using the existing element identifier, then links in a new tag value as specified in the file. You didn’t get any tags added since the element identifiers in the mapping file were no longer an exact match to the original values.

Please give that a try and let us know if that solves it.