MaxQuant does not finish job, running for 6 days

MaxQuant run started on “Wednesday Jun 14th 18:08:50 2023 UTC” still running.
Would you please check its status;

I re-run today (after Galaxy Europe maintenance) and it is in waiting (grey) state.
Is there a specific reason?
Thank you.

Welcome, @k363

The server is probably working through a backlog of jobs, or the job is just queued. I would suggesting leaving the queued jobs queued for now.

You could also start up a rerun – but leave the original job queued so you don’t lose that placement.


The EU server also has a chat. If you go into the job details view for the queued dataset, there is a value named “Job API ID”. The admins might be able to check for you if you provide that in their chat (chat “tab” is at the bottom of the server homepage).

Oh – update – it looks like some of those jobs have started up. I’d let those finish.

Thank you for the detailed information that you provided.
Will try the chat tool if needed.
I will patiently wait for now, knowing that the jobs are just queued, with no specific issues.

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