miRDeep2 output

Hi I performed quantifier with miRDeep2 and I had this result. Could someone tell me if this result is correct.
Thank you

Hello @Sabrina_Napoletano

The job appears to be successful (green) with output content.

Simple example to compare to: Galaxy | Europe

And, this tutorial makes use of the tool with more complex data: Whole transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana

Hope that helps!

Hello @jennaj thank you for your reply.

Regarding the data posted above, I’m wondering why seq nromalization is 0. I tried with other raw data and the result is not 0
I don’t understand if I can consider these data good

I’m not sure but does the tutorial work? Are you using the workflow from that tutorial?

Even if you are developing your own workflow, or customizing that one for your own use case, you can make use of the tutorial. Import that data and workflow, then run it to create a “reference history” to compare too.

That will usually reveal where things went wrong. Perhaps a parameter or option? Or some clash between reference data? You can search this forum with keywords like tool names or datatypes for prior Q&A that can help with those.

Each tool also usually has a Help section with details including link outs to resources, including author resources and the GTN tutorials (can be easier than searching tutorials when looking for examples).

And, for the history where things “worked” – you could extract a workflow from your own work, then run it on the other data. That way you’ll know all steps were exactly the same when doing a comparison.