multiple jobs stuck on queue in RNA STAR for almost 2 days


I have several jobs waiting to run in RNA STAR for already for almost 2 days.
Is there any trouble with this tool?
I am using server and my username vngo2.


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Hi @Vu_Ngo

For your case, the RNA-STAR jobs are completed and several downstream tools are now either queued or executing as expected.

The server was and still is very busy. The best strategy is to queue up jobs, then wait and allow them to execute as resources become available. The tool forms have an option to send an email notification – helpful when running batches. Workflows also have that notification option.

Try to avoid deleting and rerunning unless you need to change or adjust inputs/parameters. I added a tag to your post that links to prior Q&A + FAQs that explain how the job queues work if interested.