Need help installing tools in HPC linked to Galaxy instance


I am an admin of a Galaxy instance created by the organization I work for. Recently, we connected the Galaxy instance to the local HPC. I have created workflows using tools installed in the local galaxy. However in HPC, for each of the tools, I have to write a script for each individual tool and specify the path to each tool’s location within the local HPC. It is a little cumbersome and sometimes the errors it outputs are difficult to understand. Is there another way to install tools in the local HPC that is the same tool in the local Galaxy instance? Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you for reading,
Priyanka Bhandary

Hi @Priyanka_Bhandary

Hum, Galaxy recommends/uses tools in container environments, not from local sources.

The admin training includes a section about Jobs & Scheduling but you have probably already seen it. If not, consider starting there. training-material/topics/admin/

You could also ask at the admin chat to see if anyone else is managing a system like yours.

Thank you @jennaj This helps a lot!

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