PARalyzer PAR-CLIP data analysis error: * is not found in the .2bit file

Dear Users,

I tried to process my PAR-CLIP dataset with PARalyzer version 1.5 ( While I could start running the program without any problem, at the final stage I always got an error as below:

Running PARalyzer v1.5

Parsing SAM file(s)…Done

Creating Read Groups & Clusters…Exception in thread “main” java.lang.Exception: * is not found in the .2bit file

at MyTwoBitParser.loadChromosome(

at MyTwoBitParser.getSequence(

at PARalyze.main(

I generated by 2bit file by faToTwoBit tools (e.g. faToTwoBit hg19.fasta hg19.2bit).

I really appreciate if you could have any input in this issue.