Partial CDS markers go missing in .gb to .tbl conversion

The “Genbank Format to Five Column Format” tool is very useful - thanks for providing it! I have a suggestion for improving it. My input Genbank files included some CDS annotations (e.g. ones at the ends of the sequence) that were annotated with “partial” symbols (< or > next to the basepair number). It would be great if those markers could be preserved in the .tbl output. The table2asn tool spits out .val errors for the missing “partial” CDS annotations.

Less critical: it would be more convenient if there were some way to “select all” files in the list in the drop-down menu.

I hope the help forum is the right place for this comment. I couldn’t really find any kind of “contact” email address or email submission panel on the website.

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Hi @Chris_Buck

This is the right place to post whenever you get stuck.

Does this advice help?

I should probably turn that ^^ into a new dedicated FAQ. This one was intended to cover it but doesn’t quite capture the details as clearly: Reporting usage problems, security issues, and bugs