RESOLVED: Upload tool on the website: 11/8/2022 confirmed data loading failures

The uploader on the website is not taking in any files. Can anyone point me to the issue or help me why it is not working.


It works fine in my testing. Please describe your issue in more detail.

Hi @bdhakal

I can now reproduce the Upload problem/delay with local file browsing at And, someone else reported it here: is super slow: 11/8/2022 Confirmed job delays, please leave queued jobs queued - #5 by jennaj

More feedback soon, we are looking into what might be going on.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Hi @jennaj @marten

I should have explained the issue better. But looks like @jennaj found the issue I was having. I was unable to upload any file using local file browsing option. I have seen the issue since the last few days.
The uploader does not even start uploading the data. it just get stalled.


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When I upload the file I also have this same issue, however after a while I get this error:
"An error occurred with this dataset:

format data database ?

Unable to run this job due to a cluster error, please retry it later"

I am unsure if it is similar to your issue, but I thought it was worth clarifying my above comment.

Thank you!

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Update 11/09/2022

The Upload issues are now resolved. Anyone that had an issue similar to the other descriptions, please try running your jobs again.

Thanks to all for the feedback!

Hi @cmpetit and @bdhakal

Thanks for the extra information! This is exactly what I found, too. We will be looking into this in a few hours US time tomorrow. Updates will post back to this thread until resolved.

Upload (local file browsing)

It looks like this at first using the Upload tool. Stalls for hours… I haven’t had an error result yet, but it will probably end up that way the same as yours did.

Remote file loading (SRA example)

This did already fail with a server-side error.