RNA Star and MultiQC against imported genome

Hi there,

I am really new to this and I am trying to RNA Star some trimmed sequences (cutadapt) against an imported genome from NCBI. I imported using “NCBI Accession Download”.

I have been following the “Hands-on transcriptomics tutorial” however, when I multiQC the RNA Star log, the webpage output is over a page of this: "MultiQC Report 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= {“decimalPoint_format”: “.”, “num_datasets_plot_limit”: 50, “sample_names_rename”: , “show_hide_mode”: , “show_hide_patterns”: , “show_hide_regex”: "

Rather than the graphical output that is expected?

As I say, I am really new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @reltubycul,
are you running the analysis in a public (e.g. usegalaxy.eu) or in a local Galaxy instance?


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Hi @reltubycul

If this was happening at usegalaxy.org with MultiQC aggregate results from bioinformatics analyses into a single report (Galaxy Version 1.11+galaxy0), please try to view the HTML result again now. You won’t need to rerun or do anything else special. I just adjusted the rendering (was missed during the prior version update).

If you were working at some other public Galaxy server, two choices: 1) post the server URL back here and we can try to help – or 2) contact that server’s administrators directly and ask. They’ll probably need the full tool name plus version (found at the top of a tool from).

What to do if working at your own server (must be an admin): HTML is not rendered by default for security reasons (and data in that format cannot be Uploaded for similar reasons). But, HTML can be created by certain tools. To have that output rendered correctly, move the tool/version from the “HTML Sanitized” to the “HTML Rendered” list under Admin > Tool Management > Manage Allowlist.

Thanks for reporting the problem, and hope that helps! :rocket:

Hi, @jennaj,
Thank you for getting back to me!
The HTML view now works, thanks so much!! :star: