RNA STAR job stuck on orange

I ran multiple RNA STAR jobs over the weekend and only some managed to be completed, two have been stuck on ‘job currently running’ since friday, and the others have been on queue. Was there a problem in the back end? How do I resolve this issue from my end? Any help would be very much appreciated!

Welcome, @john.v

If a job is still executing (yellow/orange) then that means it is still running. It is usually best to let those complete. Troubleshooting resources for errors or unexpected results

:alarm_clock: When working at UseGalaxy.org, UseGalaxy.eu, or UseGalaxy.org.au, your analysis jobs execute at large scale academic clusters. Hundreds of thousands of jobs process each month!

The EU server has a link to what the server is processing at any particular time. Today, right now, there are over 200 STAR jobs running. Maybe some of those are yours :slight_smile: The other servers do not post these stats publicly yet but all look about the same. To learn if something more is going on at the server level, you can check https://status.galaxyproject.org/.

Screenshots of EU server stats

So, everything seems to be what is expected right now. I would suggest waiting for things to process. If you end up with some errors later on, and you need help interpreting the job logs, we can try to help more :slight_smile:

Hi jennaj,

Many thanks for your very helpful reply! It’s definitely reassuring to know everything is operational. I think the job was just taking longer than normal, perhaps there was some high traffic over the weekend. Upon checking this morning though, I can see that it has been making progress which is a relief :slight_smile:

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