Sample error in running deseq2


I try to run samples based on the Reference-based RNA-Seq data analysis tutorial and meet a problem in Deseq2 part. it’s three dataset collection and i check the tabular of two sample featurecounts. Don’t know how to solve it.

Here is the error log:
Error in data.frame(sample = basename(filenames_in), filename = filenames_in, :
duplicate row.names: /data/dnb08/galaxy_db/files/8/b/0/dataset_8b056f6c-8022-44aa-a290-fface0163b12.dat, /data/dnb08/galaxy_db/files/f/8/d/dataset_f8daec59-4cf1-456c-be52-31850ccf1cd1.dat


Hi @Harvey006

Nothing looks odd in this view. To troubleshoot more, you would need to post screenshots of most of the Dataset Details" view. That is where the logs are located. Or, generate and post a shared history link. Troubleshooting errors

Or, you could try reviewing the other Q&A about this tool. There is quite a bit, search with keywords or click on the tag you added. This could be something simple to fix like some minor setting in the tutorial. Retracing your steps when something goes wrong is what everyone does :slight_smile: and the tutorial can help. But please do post your extra data if need more help. Include the link to the tutorial step as well, and even more people can help.

Example forum search that uses part of the error message: Search results for 'duplicate row.names' - Galaxy Community Help

@jennaj thanks for offering help. The reason was I chose two tags to determine the dataset I wanted in every factor level. I switched to one tag and the problem was solved.

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