Transcriptome analysis and Go analysis

Hi friends, I am a beginner,
Could anyone help me about the step after I finish my transcriptome analysis?? What is the next analysis is needed? Is it directly to GO analysis? And how if my organism is denovo?
I really appreciate any help

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Welcome, @Wahyu_Cristine

The end-to-end transcriptome analysis tutorials will answer your questions with exact examples.

Go the GTN training website here, and click into the Transcriptomics topic.

For more, consider following the suggested analysis paths here: Smörgåsbord 2023. That event just ended but the materials will remain online as a reference into the foreseeable future. These include captioned videos and related supplementary materials, along with the GTN tutorials. Everything was just updated. :slight_smile:

Please give those a review. If you run into a tool error that you cannot solve, we can try to help more here. I also added some related tags to your post.