Unable to run Unicycler or ABySS


I’m new to Galaxy, so I hope this is the correct way to post a question. I’m attempting to assemble a bacterial genome using a pair of Illumina reads and a PacBio read with ABySS and with Unicycler. I’ve tried doing this in several different ways according to the information included in the tool descriptions, but both assemblers fail to run and give a tool error. What are the correct file types and suffixes for each read in each assembler? (by suffixes, I mean the ending of “1” and “2” for paired short reads, for example).

Thank you for your help, I look forward to learning more about Galaxy.

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Hi, I apologize, but I’m unfortunately still having difficulty resolving this issue. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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Unicycler is functional. ABySS has been removed.

GTN Tutorial for assembly (including Unicycler):