Using Scanpy to process single cell data

Hello, I tried to process my data set with the help of the information and tutorials in Clustering 3K PBMCs with Scanpy, but every time I got an error when using the Import Anndata and loom tool.
I fixed the defects that I found myself and edited my gene files
And now I have uploaded the data in the Import Anndata and loom tool.
It is possible for you to take a look at my history and tell me if there is a problem with the files or options selected in the Import Annadata and loom tool.
I must say that the processing of this data is very important and essential for me and I will be very happy if you help me.
History link:

Hi @maryam-gh99

Everything looks Ok from a quick review.

If the current job fails, try removing the header line from the tabular dataset “new 2.txt”, then a rerun.

Ps: When you delete datasets, others cannot see them in the shared history view. So, if you want the best feedback, please leave all inputs and outputs undeleted.

Thank you for your reply
And thank you for the points you said

I had another question: Is there a problem with the amount of time it took to process the last item in my history, or is this amount of time (more than 24 hours) normal considering the amount of incoming data (35GB)?

Hi @maryam-gh99,
yes, I think this is normal.