Visualisation of IQTree and FASTTree tree outputs

Hi all,

I’m having some problems visualising outputs of IQTree and FASTTree as a phylogenetic tree using the inbuilt option in Galaxy EU. See ‘13. IQTree on data 11…’ and ‘18. FASTTREE on data 11…’ in this history:

When I click on the graph icon and chose the “Phylogenetic tree visualisation” a tree is displayed but I’m not able to change the settings in the options revealed by clicking the >> icon. For example under ‘Tree types’ no options are provided to change the tree types.

Am I doing something wrong here or is there a bug? It is a while since I’ve used this tool but from memory Phyloviz used to have a number of visualisation options.

FYI: this tool is not working at all in Galaxy AU and I’ve logged that with Igor and the team.

Suggestions for alternative tools are more than welcome as this forms part of a tutorial I’m co-writing for the GTN and am nearly ready to publish.



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Hi @Melissa_Burke

Yes, it appears to have a problem at the server too. I can change the title and have that added to the saved visualization space but not have other actions applied.

I also tested at the server – the tool is there, but doesn’t load. If Igor is looking at this, that fix will flow back to the other servers.

For alternatives, I don’t think there is a near-exact replication, and I couldn’t find a web hosted version of this tool (was curious if a cross-link would be possible).

From here, maybe ask other GTN people if they have suggestions? Use their chat for this, since not many are at this forum regularly. :slight_smile:

Thanks @jennaj, glad to know it’s not just me.

I’ll have a chat with a few people and see if we can come up with an alternative. I’ll update here if we find something.

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Update: we settled on using Newick Display instead of Phyloviz for the time being. It doesn’t offer the interactiveness of Phyloviz but at least it allows you to visualise a tree.

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