Cannot find Pavian and Phinch in the local galaxy

I am new to galaxy world. I recently install the galaxy 24.0.2.
After analyzing my metagenomic data with kraken2, I want to use Pavian and Phinch to visualize my data. I could find the tools in the public galaxy. But I can not find it on my local galaxy setup. Itried to install it via tool shed, but no hope.

I found that Pavian shoud be intergrated to galaxy from 2023, but I still cannot find it in my local installation.
If possible, I need your help to figure it out. I would like to know how to enable or install it (Pavian and Phinch).
Thank you very much!

Hi @ps2pspgood

Both Pavian and Phinch are what we name Galaxy Interactive Tools (GIEs).

Warning that these are non-trivial to configure (not automatically installed via the web browser the same way as a regular tool) but you are welcome to try of course! Find the tutorials for how to install GIEs down in this listing here → Galaxy Server administration / Tutorial List

To locate what to install, try a search at the Tool Shed directly →

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi @jennaj
Thank you very much!
I will try to install that!