Can't use Bowtie2 index builder - "Requested version unavailable" error


I installed the Bowtie2 index builder/data manager from the toolshed (Galaxy | Tool Shed) however whenever I open it, I get the “Requested version unavailable” error at the top, and cannot select any FASTA files as input. I see that the dependencies are resolved for the data manager in the “Manage Dependencies” tab of the admin panel (only dep. is bowtie2). I am using index builder v2.3.5.1+galaxy1. Any ideas why this may be? I actually have the same issue with another data manager as well on my system, so basically both of my data managers have that error.



Are you trying to use this within a workflow?

Thanks for your reply @astrov . No I am not, I am just using it directly from the Admin backend. In fact this happens with all types of data managers, not just bowtie2, and seems to happen on many other public servers too o I am not alone with this issue.

@phagepower you can ignore this for the moment. It’s a Galaxy bug that we need to fix. But harmless.