changing datatype while job is running

Hi all,
I started a job yesterday (trimming, correction and assembly of reads with Canu), and I would like to run Nanoplot to show the statistics of the reads.
The datasets I uploaded have been described as sdf datatype and looks like Nanoplot doesn’t work with sdf files as input, I need to change the datatype to fastq.
What will happen if I change the datatype while a job using this dataset (Canu assembly) is still running?


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Hello @michele.dellab

The metadata for datasets cannot be changed while a job is using that dataset as an input and it is still running. If you think your inputs are wrong in some way, and need to rerun: delete and purge the job(s) using them, then adjust the format and or datatype.

FAQ: How do I find, adjust, and/or correct metadata?

Make sure the datatype fits the actual file format. HDF5 datasets are not the same as fastq datasets.

For an example run of the Canu tool, please see this prior post: Nanopore data assembly with CANU