Compress Files Not Working

Seems to be something wrong, I’m trying to compress files but nothing starting. Everything else seems to be working, just no compression of files. I’m stuck now, hopefully this can get fixed.

Hi @Jon_Colman

I compressed a FASTQ file on ORG server via Edit Attributes and Compress file(s) tool. I don’t see any issue with both approaches.

What kind of file do you deal with?

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Just a standard file. Output file from BBmap so I needed to compress it. I was working on manually mapping a 100M WGS, actually multiple of them. For some reason all the bacteria and such were being lost during host removal from the lab. I got a rough idea what was present in the samples, so I was sequentially mapping everything. The compression issue was that it was doing nothing for hours, looks like it finally finished.

HI Igor, another question. Since I’m manually mapping individual species from a very large file, I’m concerned about organization issues. Once I have everything put together into a single R1/R2 file, is there a program to check if I have any duplicated read ID numbers??? Or do I need to worry about if I have a small amount of them, such as when I upload my completed files to an online Classifier???


Hi Jon,
FASTA Merge Files and Filter Unique Sequences can filter unique sequences based on names, but I don’t know if it can handle interleaved/interlaced data.
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