Disappear Velvet tool

I want to use Velvet for educational purpose.

I was able to search and use that tool until yesterday, but it suddenly disappeared.

Could you check this problem ?

Thanks !

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Velvet is not available at Galaxy Main https://usegalaxy.org. Instead, we recommend Unicycler for small genome assembly.

GTN Tutorial: http://galaxyproject.github.io/training-material/topics/assembly/tutorials/unicycler-assembly/tutorial.html

Maybe you are working at a different public Galaxy server? Check/compare the URL. Not all public Galaxy server administrators check posts here, instead contact them directly. Contact information is usually at the home page of the server and sometimes also here: https://galaxyproject.org/use.

Note: The Galaxy EU https://usegalaxy.eu and Galaxy AU https://usegalaxy.au.org servers are both down: EU for scheduled maintenance, should be back soon; AU, not sure of the reason, but expect they will also be back online shortly.

usegalaxy.eu is back up and does host a few velvet tools, but for limited usage (training-sized datasets). Details about server status earlier today are in this Q&A: is galaxy Australia down?