Error displaying IGV and IGV


I am reaching out because I am having difficulties displaying with IGV [local] and IGB [View] after utilizing the SRbowtie protocol. The error says
" Conflict
There was a conflict when trying to complete your request. Error generating display_link: type object ‘Bam’ has no attribute ‘name’ "

Any advice or suggestions on how to proceed will be very helpful. I thank you in advance.

-Jalynn Gray

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This happened at Galaxy Main today (2/13/19), correct?

There were some server issues earlier and an upgrade is now in progress. We will post back once complete.

Then it would be good to retry this operation. You might need to regenerate the dataset you are trying to view if created during this time frame first. And if that fails, we can troubleshoot your specific issue more here – this message can sometimes indicate that there is a metadata problem.

Galaxy Main has been updated.

Please try the operation again and let us know if still problematic.