IGV connection issue

Keep running into error with trying view bowtie or MACS2 on local IGV from

Either get a message “Connection refused: connect” " OR “'ocalhost refused to connect.”

OR that it can’t find the index file when IGV is trying to load, though the link is correct.

Issue happens intermittently and from different computers and browser types. Never had this issue before.

Thank you

Hi Dgalaxy-

Was unable to load new files onto the galaxy server (data fetch errors) on 5/30/22 1PM-4PM CST. This issue seems to be fixed all of a sudden at 4:26PM on 5/30/22.

Could you check again and test if your issue is resolved?


Whoops, now we are back to not being able to upload data directly using the upload data tool (as of 6PM CST 5/30/22):

Error message:
Warning: Error: tus: unexpected response while creating upload, originated from request (method: POST, url: /api/upload/resumable_upload/, response code: 502, response text:


Galaxy could not be reached, request id: n/a)

Strange. Yeah I have not had as many issues earlier today but bummer if issue is back again.

I of course have a presentation tomorrow.

I can keep you posted. Hope it spontaneously resolves as earlier!!

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. It is pretty annoying. Kindly take time and provide a solution.