Error downloading genome sequence, annotation and metadata via NCBI Datasets Genomes

Hello, I hope you can help me. I have recently tried to download reference data of a genome using a BioProject accession through NCBI Datasets Genomes in Galaxy. However, unlike some months ago, it does not allow me to download and an error message appears with the following message:

Warning: Current version of client does not support full genome reports! New version of client (15.3.1) available at
Error: unknown field “assemblyMethod”

When I click on the link a download starts, however an error occurs and it does not finish. Could someone please tell me what to do in this case or how else I can download the data needed to perform my analysis on Galaxy?.

Welcome, @catalinariveraforero

This should be working, but seems like NCBI updated their protocols. Or, maybe it is the server. Where are you working? Server URL please, and the BioProject ID would be extra but helpful to see if another server has this functional and on your specific data. Why? Privacy, see next, maybe it explains.

Keep in mind that data with restrictions will usually not work with this method at public Galaxy servers. You’ll need to download locally with your credentials, then Upload the data to a private Galaxy (behind a firewall, etc). AnVIL is available as a secure environment for US academics and is a pay-for-use Google platform. Some restricted data sources are supported – and you could ask them if this seems to be your use case. AnVIL - Galaxy Community Hub