Error in Locally Cached for MetaPhlAn2 and HUMAnN2

Hi there,

I am using galaxy for a university project and I have noticed that since the update some elements of the tools I need for it don’t function as they did before.

The two that I primarily noticed was when using MetaPhlAn2 and HUMAnN2. For both of them the error occurs under Database with clade-specific marker genes. I am unable to select the cached database whereas I could before.

I also noticed that when trying to view the Krona Pie Chart I have in my history this no longer works yet if I open the HTML in a browser that works.

I hope reporting this bug helps.

Welcome, @gsantos15

I see a few problems as well. The summary seems to be:

  1. Login: creates another login window inside the center pane. Am actually logged in but that presentation makes the state unclear. Clicking into the top masthead eventually worked. This might be related to the updated release. They’ll notice.

  2. MetaPhlAn2/HUMAnN2: the indexes are probably disconnected. They would probably appreciate a bug report for this.

  3. Krona: tool version needs to be added to the HTML “allowList”. Also send a bug report for this.

The banner on the server makes me think the final deployment is still in progress. But you could send in those bug reports to let the administrators know about the problems you found so far. I would suggest including a link to this topic for extra context inside the comment area, and to let them know where to post back publicly as things get adjusted. That also distinguishes your bugs from just random usage “bugs” (that are a better fit for this forum).

The bug reporting function included in the UI is done by clicking on the :beetle: icon inside red error datasets. Those are sent via email and don’t always get a direct reply but admins usually will at least review for actual server issues – and that’s what you have here if I am understanding correctly.

Hope this works out quickly!

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I believe the issue is resolved, but please test it out.

Best, Team

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