Error with reading msconvert files in xcms at public Galaxy server


I am using galaxy W4M server to process a set of lipidomics data (.raw files) that was converted to mzXML files using msConvert and in these mzXML files, I can see several peaks ranging from 67-2300 m/z, which corresponds to our acquisition m/z range and method run time of 17 mins. The files were uploaded individually (131 files) and under the “xcms plot chromatogram” module, the TIC chromatograms showed peaks along the run time of >1000 seconds (or ~17 mins). However, as I progressed to the “xcms findChromPeaks merger” module to merge the individual extracted files, there is a peak density pdf output and I can see two problems: i) the retention time was cut off at ~250 seconds (4.2 min) and ii) m/z was cut off at 996.6586. It seems that there is a problem in xmcs reading the msconverted files? We also encountered the same problem in the xcms .r package. I was wondering if other users have encountered such a problem, and how we may be able to resolve this issue?

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Dorrain Low

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Welcome @Dorrain

Contact the administrators of this server to report the problem. The support email address is at the home page of the server: and also at their public Galaxy directly listing here:

Each public Galaxy server is independently administered and not all of their support teams track this website. Contact information is usually on the home page of the server or in their directory listing (if they published it)