Fatal error: Exit code 1 () MultiQC and STAR erros

Hi, I am following the Reference-based RNA-Seq data analysis tutorial to analyze a dual RNA seq with fungal transcriptions. I downloaded the ref genome fasta files from ensemble with respective annotations. While running STAR I am getting errors for some of my samples :

!!! WARNING: --genomeSAindexNbases 14 is too large for the genome size=40980648, which may cause seg-fault at the mapping step. Re-run genome generation with recommended --genomeSAindexNbases 11

EXITING because of FATAL ERROR: number of bytes expected from the BAM bin does not agree with the actual size on disk: Expected bin size=175717184 ; size on disk=168213990 ; bin number=47

Feb 25 05:56:38 … FATAL ERROR, exiting

For some of the samples the already ran STAR and worked, I am using multiQC to aggregate STAR logs, getting more errors:
Fatal error: Exit code 1 ()
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘multiqc_WDir/star_0/log_0/RNA STAR on data 770_ data 771_ and others_ log_Log.final.out’: File exists

Anybody can help please?

Hi @Mirianfp,
could you repeat the alignment by using a higher value in the Number of genome bins for coordinate-sorting parameter?