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When I performed featureCounts following mapping with RNASTAR, the job was executed and I received the results. However when I checked the " i " icon of the featureCounts job, I saw the following in the ’ Tool error’. I have TruSeq stranded paired mRNA libraries and chicken genome (fasta file) and gtf file was provided during mapping with RNASTAR.

So, I referred the histories of the ‘Reads to counts’ galaxy workshop that I undertook sometime back. The same Tool error is seen in those files as well (datasets provided by the bioinformatician during the galaxy workshop).

Can someone please tell me what this error means?

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Dear @GGOPA,
Do not worry, unless your tool crashed. Some tools have some information (for debugging or statistical purpose) printed to the standard error, thus it will appear in Galaxy in the ‘Tool error’ field. Thus, if your job executed without a serious error (i.e. your job is green) and you got results that you would anticipate (i.e. is not empty or misses vital data), then it is totally fine. However, if you job is red or the latter point breached, then you would need to check your input and setting for the tool.

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Thanks a lot!