Funannotate Compare taking too long

Hi, a week ago I submited a job using the “funannotate compare” tool using as imput two different annotated genomes (these two were obtained using the funannotate predict and funannotate functional annotation tool) and it’s still running. It is known to take this long? or it may be an input error? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @Seba_Chela
some funannotate jobs do run for long time. Generally, failed jobs are reported back to users (error status, red color in history panel). Sometimes Galaxy state is not updated on a user computer, with failed jobs displayed as running. Just in case click at Galaxy icon at the top left corner. This fill refresh the screen.
I have very limited experience with funannotate tools, but it seems jobs run for weeks on assemblies with many contigs (>>100,000).
Kind regards,