Issue regarding Upoading of the Genome in fasta file from NCBI

I want to upload the genome of camellia sinensis in fasta file into galaxy from NCBI datasets, please help me as I am a beginner. Ref-seq id is- GCF_004153795.1 Here is the NCBI link- I also unable to upload the genome of it using weblink into ftp fies in galaxy, I have pasted the following link there but it’s cannot fetch it.

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Hi @Abhisek_Dey, I think for now you need to get the genome directly from the refseq ftp site.
It appears the resources for GCF_004153795.1 are at Index of /genomes/refseq/plant/Camellia_sinensis/latest_assembly_versions/GCF_004153795.1_AHAU_CSS_1, and I believe the genomic fasta file is


Yes sir, Now I got it. Thank you.