Baboon reference genome

Apologies for asking an obvious question.

Please how do I correctly download the FASTA copy of the baboon reference genome on NCBI link below;

I used the download assembly button on the web browser which gave the option of RefSeq (which is about 512kb) and Genbank (about 912mb)

I also downloaded the DNA sequence which has numerous files (about 4GB) but could not get in on to Galaxy.

Please help.

Thank you

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Hi @Adekunbi123456,

you can find the ftp URL for the baboon reference genome in the FTP directory for RefSeq assembly section (NCBI web page, right column):

next, copy the URL which correspond to the genomic sequence and paste it directly in the Galaxy uploader:

Finally, after uploading the file, select edit attributes, convert, and select convert compressed file to uncompressed.

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Thank you so much @gallardoalba

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