Job delays at Galaxy Main and Galaxy EU

Hello there!
I am a little bit concerned because I have uploaded some datasets for analysis and, while they appear to have been 100% uploaded, I see them as pending jobs in my history and I cannot use them for subsequent steps. It has been longer than 1h since the data was reportedly uploaded, and the jobs still show as “waiting to run”.
Is there any problem that I am not aware of?
Thank you very much for your input.

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The Galaxy server at is currently experiencing issues with job scheduling, so they are getting delayed.

btw I assume your previous post in the usegalaxy.EU category is a duplicate? (Extremely long waiting time for running a tool)

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Thanks a lot for your reply! It was not meant to be a duplicate, I was unable to run a fastqc on so I decided to use and I ended up having issues even in the data upload.
I guess I’ll just wait.

I cannot talk for them but it seems they have a long queue which could also indicate some job scheduling issues. atm I can only recommend patience or using a different/own instance.


Yep on .eu we often have long upload times, it’s a bug we’re still trying to figure out. We have a dashboard that monitors the situation but it is not very easily findable.

Please feel free to queue jobs, I’m sorry it’s so slow at the minute, hopefully we will have it fixed in the next week.