Pharokka Database


I am the developer of Pharokka and am trying to use Pharokka v 1.2.1 on the EU server (the adding of this to the toolshed was extremely helpfully handled by Paul Zierep! thanks Paul!)

When I go to run Pharokka, there is no Database available to run - would you be able to add it?


Hi @gbouras13

Do you want to add indexes for this tool form option? built-in pharokka DB

When wrapping the tool, did you also create a Data Manager to create/add indexes (by an admin)? If not, then try contacting who was helping you before (private), or the EU admins at their Lobby chat here (public) Indexes can be server specific, and not all involve a DM, but that is how to start.

Hello! I am also trying to use pharokka on this server (Galaxy | Europe), but cannot because it requires selecting a database, but there is none to select.

Bumping this thread as it would be extremely helpful to be able to use this tool. Thank you.

You might have more luck by asking at their matrix chat. Or, maybe the developer will post back what is happening so far with an update, ping @gbouras13

Looks like it works now @juliambrosman (someone in the background fixed it so thanks Galaxy support)!

I’m not responsible for the Galaxy installation, but I am happy to help you install it locally in future if you run into troubles.

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