ram allocation for reference genome in STAR

EXITING because of FATAL PARAMETER ERROR: limitGenomeGenerateRAM=59392000000is too small for your genome SOLUTION: please specify --limitGenomeGenerateRAM not less than 102018755509 and make that much RAM available May 27 13:56:06 … FATAL ERROR, exiting

I’m using a web based galaxy help me to troble shoot this problem

Welcome, @RUBA_DEVI

This type of “not enough memory” problems means that there is either an input or parameter problem, or that the job is actually to large to process using the public computational resources.

More → FAQ: Understanding 'exceeds memory allocation' error messages

The first reasons above are much more common, and you can review the input datasets, reference data and parameter choices on the Job Details aka “Job Details” view for any dataset in a summary. Expand the dataset and click on the “i” icon to do this. The job logs will also be on that same view.

If you need help determining which is going on with a job, you are welcome to share your work for community feedback. See the banner at this forum for instructions. We like details :slight_smile: