Remove menu for Genome set in Data upload

Hi, we are ysing Galaxy for other things than biology related computation.

Is there a way to remove the Genome stuff related to biology. E.g from the “Upload File from your computer” there is a Genome drop-down menu. I tried to remove the relevant sections from

/server/client/src/components/Upload/Collection.vue: Genome (set all):

But that did not actually make any difference.

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Hi @maikenp

I’m sure that is possible but there aren’t any specific instructions for the modification that I know of. Let’s ask the public server admins and see what other help they can offer. They may reply here or at Gitter, and feel free to join the chat. galaxyproject/admins - Gitter

The developer chat is another route to help, but let’s see what happens in the admin chat first. Or you can ask directly here: galaxyproject/dev - Gitter. If you do that, please be sure to cross-reference in both places so there are not duplicated chat threads running.

Another option is to explore example public Galaxy servers that focus on non-biological analysis, listed here:

Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources >> Public Servers >> Search with the keyword “Domain” to find those (include climate, social science, etc).

Some leave the bio-related functions available (but are not used) and others strip out functions partialy, entirely, or relabel/reuse metadata attributes to fit the focus. Maybe review these servers and their publications, decide which are doing what you want to do, and then connect with those administrators?

Note: There is a pending Galaxy release that includes many updates to the UI. So, you might want to make changes in that upcoming releases code (once released, and you know what to do).

Let’s start there. Thanks!

Thanks, let’s see if we get some response. Have earlier posted the same question on gitter/admin, but did not get a reply on exactly this part of my question. So thought I would try here.

@maikenp that is currently not easily possible via a configuration. But its on our todo list (for way too long). If you have resources to implement that in the client, by hiding those elements from the UI in a configurable way, that would be super cool and appreciated by other communities as climate-science as well.

Could you point me to the correct files to change the behaviour?
And also the quick and dirty way: what files to edit to remove the Genome menu from the UI (even if not configurable)