Trackster adding new tracks to visualisation

I’m using I want to visualize 2 BAM-files from my history in 2 tracks in one visualisation in Trackster. I can create visualization with one of the files. But I can’t add a new track to saved visualisation. When I choose ‘add tracks’ I don’t see my history there (No items). If I choose the second track and try to visualise it, I recieve ’ a new track to one of your existing, saved Trackster sessions if they share the genome build: Not available’. What can I do to fix this problem?

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Check the dataset “database” assignment. If “?” then it is not assigned.

All data that you want to visualize together must have the same “database” assigned, and those assignments must be a match for the Trackster visualization’s database/genome build.

If using a custom genome, then you’ll need to promote it to a custom build, assign your custom “database” to datasets, and create a new Trackster visualization using it.


It helped, thank you!

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