Trackster not loading dataset with server indexed "database" assigned

I have the same issue, but all my files have the same database/build (mm10). Even when I make new visualizations and want to add them to an already existing one, Galaxy says its not available and won’t let me click. Is this a bug? Help!

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Welcome @lgardie

There might be a problem. I’m doing some tests at Galaxy Main More feedback once that is done (soon/now!).

If that is not the server you are working at, please clarify (URL, etc).

Apologies for the delayed reply. Also, I’m moving this to a new topic since the “database” is already assigned in your data, plus this server is now running an updated version of the Galaxy release (not finalized yet, will be named 19.09).

Ok, I can reproduce the problem. We will likely ticket it. Waiting for some feedback, not sure yet if it is 1) server specific problem or 2) related to the 19.09 pre-release or 3) a prior known issue – although 3 seems unlikely.

In short, new or prior Trackster visualizations do not allow new datasets to be added. For any “database” – I used mm9 + dm3 in testing and found the same exact problem.

A new Trackster visualization can be created directly from a single dataset (viz button within an expanded dataset) or by selecting a dataset when using the masthead “Visualizations > Create New” function. But one dataset isn’t very useful.

This is a bug. Thanks for reporting it. More feedback soon!!

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Full issue ticket:

Once that closes out, the issue is resolved. Until then, expect problems with Trackster. Use alternative browsers instead.