Trouble in running hisat2

My data is paired data which need to be aligned to C.elegans genome. However when I use hisat2 it didn’t work. Only one worked but it also appeared error.
Others always wait for running.

Welcome, @yc07613

This link is for a single BAM file. If you were trying to share your history, this is how: Sharing your History

Jobs will queue first, then execute, then finish. Try to leave queued jobs queued, and avoid rerunning in hopes that the job will run quicker. Instead, it will take longer since all new jobs are added back to the end of the queue. This can extend wait time, and if done quickly enough, the job may never have a chance to run. My jobs aren't running! & Will my jobs keep running?

These tutorials can help with understanding fastq data (format/content/variants) along with example QA steps/tools plus general mapping. Also see domain/topic tutorials for protocol-specific QA and downstream steps.

Try that help first, and if you still have problems, consider posting back a shared history link so we can help more.