Unable to queue job for execution. Resubmitting the job may succeed.


When trying to run MAFFT or MUSCLE, see the above error. Resubmitting does not help.

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Hello @Volodymyr_Dvornyk

Check the inputs to this job – are each intact and without errors/warnings? You may need to rerun prior step(s) to produce valid inputs.


It’s nearly impossible to find the error without any information about it, particularly when the same files perfectly run on other applications/servers.

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Hi @Volodymyr_Dvornyk

If inputs are in an error state or have problematic content that is enough to trigger a metadata problem (one possibility), reviewing the expanded datasets will reveal any issue detected.

Problems with scientific content would not prevent downstream tools from running at all. Only technical content.

I’m going to send you a direct message. Let’s take a closer look together.