Venn diagram using

Hi All,

I am using usegalaxy to analyze RNAseq for the first time. Is there a tutorial for making Venn Diagram?
I am using the tool “Venn diagram on list”, but keep failing to make it work.


Dear @Vu_Ngo,
Can you please state the error that you receive?


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Dear @Flow

This is the error I receive “Doing 2-way Venn Diagram
Total of 32 IDs
Unexpected ID ENSMUSG00000025498.15 in tabular file /corral4/main/objects/b/e/5/dataset_be5ed78b-995a-4356-bd3b-eba02ae58e55.dat”

This is my first time analyzing RNAseq. And I wanted to generate a Venn diagram for my data sets. I already finished Filter and Annotate DESeq2/DEXSeq output tables steps. But couldn’t find any tutorial for Venn Diagram using usegalaxy.

Thank so much for your help

Dear @Vu_Ngo,
I am not super familiar with the tool and just had a quick look at the code. What I supect is a malformatted input file or you have chosen the wrong input files.

Full dataset (with all identifiers) - Must contain all the identifiers (IDs) from the individual set files you will provide.

Members of set - Are the individual set files.

Make sure the files have in the first column the identifiers. And also make sure the idenfiers of the Members of set are contained in the Full dataset (with all identifiers). I think the program couldn’t find the identifier ENSMUSG00000025498.15.


@Flow Thank you, following your advice I was able to make the Venn diagram.