Add new version of reference genome: Tribolium castaneum (red flour beetle) Tcas5.2

Could you add the latest version of the Tribolium castaneum genome assembly (Tcas5.2) to the list?


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Sorry for the delay. The genome has been added to the request list here for the Galaxy Main server.

Hopefully, you found this option already, but you can use the genome as a Custom Reference Genome/Build now with tools, at any Galaxy server. More details here, or click on the tags I added to your post to find all prior Q&A about the topics: Genome request: Human herpesvirus 1 at NCBI accession NC_001806. Immediate solution: use a Custom genome/build

This same advice applies to all requests (use a CG for the short-term). Each request can be submitted directly at Github on that same ticket. We need the genome build/version and source/accession at a minimum. If the full genome is complex (distinct genome, mitochrondiral, plasmid, chloroplast accessions), please list all components.

We will not necessarily natively index each genome at this server. In particular, smaller genomes (bacterial) or genomes that are not hosted at standardized public genome data hosting sites such as NCBI or UCSC will undergo a review first.

Thanks!! --Yoshi