Genome request: Human herpesvirus 1 at NCBI accession NC_001806. Immediate solution: use a Custom genome/build

Would it be possible for you to add indexing of Human herpesvirus 1 with ref accession number NC_001806. this genome not index on galaxy tools.

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Welcome, @ali_teimoori

I’ve added your request here at Github. We’ll be added more genome indexes over the next few months at Galaxy Main, but it will not be immediate and you do not need to wait.

This genome is small enough to use it as a Custom Reference Genome/Build at any Galaxy server. I added a few tags to your post that will link to all of the prior Q&A that includes FAQ links and troubleshooting help for using those. (Click on the tag to search). Please review and if you have any specific questions, please let us know and we can clarify more.


thanks Galaxy.