Adding zebrafish genome builds to HiSat and Star aligners



Hi Galaxy team,

I would like to use HiSat or Star for aligning Zebrafish RNAseq data. Under Reference Genome there is a note “If your genome of interest is not listed, contact the Galaxy team (–genomeDir)”. If this is not the right contact, kindly redirect me.

Thank you.


@Lena_Ho on we have installed the Zebrafish Genome. We try to harmonize all reference genomes in the near future.

Hope that helps!


Thanks so much! That was fast!


HI Bjoern, I still don’t see the option for Zebrafish as a built-in genome…


Perhaps this was addressed offline already, but I found the danRerN genomes in both tools at now.


Thank you! I am using main galaxy and overlooked that it’s on