Allowed makeblastdb file size (1GB), cut genome to smaller pieces?

Dear GalaxyHelp,

I have uploaded a species genome to Galaxy, this is a conifer genome which is quite large (for example Picea abies genome size is: When I try to create a BLAST database (with the NCBI BLAST+ makeblastdb tool) I receive an error message. The message is about duplicated sequence IDs in the file, however, the problem in not this, there is no duplication for sure, the problem is the file size. I tried with a smaller genome and everything works fine, there Galaxy says: Maximum file size: 1000000000B.

According to this I was thinking to cut the genome somehow and than create two or three BLAST databases? Is it a good approach? Is it possible to achieve this in Galaxy (is there a tool to cut)?

How am I able to create such a large BLAST database?
I’m extremely appreciate any help!:slight_smile:

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