An error of Trinity de novo assembly of RNA-seq data -- Disabled tool, use RNA-Spades instead


I tried run Trinity on server of and it suddenly finished with error message below.
“This tools currently disabled, please see Galaxy Help site at for assistance.”

And to see the detail of error, I opened the window.

An error occurred while running the tool

The used file type was fastqsanger.gz and the tetrameter was like the second picture.

Do anyone have a solution for this problem?


During the last ten days, I have also experienced the same issue.

Hi @Pedro_Luis_Ramos-Gon and @tiredpenguinD,
I’ll ask the system admins about that. Thanks for the report!

We are experiencing some memory issues with Trinity; until the problem is corrected, I suggest you to use rnaSPAdes.



Hi @gallardoalba ,
Thank you for your advice!
I’ll try to use rnaSPAdes.