Certain large memory tools are temporarily running with reduced memory (RNA STAR, SPAdes, Unicycler) or have been temporarily disabled (Trinity). - reg

Why is this so? I mean why it has been reduced or disabled? Can we have a idea of the issue?

Thank you.


I think the usegalaxy.org does not have access to appropriate compute resources temporarily. The message will be updated when that changes.

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Most of the prior impacted tools are now running again with full resources now.

The exception is RNA STAR – the banner will update as the issues with that tool are resolved. STAR jobs run at usegalaxy.org jobs are expected to fail until resolved.

Development ticket: https://github.com/galaxyproject/usegalaxy-playbook/issues/266

Galaxy Help topic with more details: RNA STAR Reference Genome

Closing this topic to keep the RNA-STAR updates consolidated into the same topic/ticket.

Thanks for your patience!