Combine MetaPhlAn and HUMAnN outputs

Im runing this app Combine MetaPhlAn and HUMAnN outputs to relate genus/species abundances and gene families/pathways abundances(Galaxy Version 0.3.0)

Last year I run the pipeline “Hands-on: Metatranscriptomics analysis using microbiome RNA-seq data / Microbiome” and it works well with " Combine MetaPhlAn2 and HUMAnN2 outputs ( Galaxy version 0.2.0)**, so I do not know what is going on whit this tool this time,

Can u help me

Welcome, @Diego_Armando_Esquiv

I started up a quick test to make sure that the tool itself is functioning, and it seems that it is fine using test data.

Shared history link →

Some things to check for your job

  1. Try at least one rerun using the Refresh/Rerun icon button.
  2. Explore and/or compare your prior job parameters with your new job using the job Info icon. All the parameters are summarized here in a table.
  3. Do the same comparison with the prior inputs and new inputs but based on the contents of those files, including any assignments like the datatype or format (database).
  4. You could even import that tutorial’s data and workflow, and rerun the whole thing pretty quickly to create a sort of reference or “answer key” history. I do this all the time when I forget exactly how a tool works, or when learning a new tool, or if I think a tool has a problem and I’m not sure if it is the data or ??? :slight_smile:

If you want help troubleshooting, you can explain more about what you are doing along with your shared history or shared screenshots. We will be interested in those same areas explained above since we’ll start those checks (technical issues), then build up (scientific issues).

Let’s start there! :slight_smile: And if you solved this already, please let us know.