Concatenate datasets not concatenating properly

I am concatentating some RNA-seq datasets and have been noticing the stated gb size is off. This only seems to be occurring with forward strands, as my reverse strand concatenated file is the appropriate size. It was saying 21gb when it should have been 24gb (I double checked this on I made no errors when entering the data. I ran it a second time and while it is green it is saying 0 bytes for the size, and there does not appear to be any data.

I am wondering if maybe the tool is experiencing a bug?


Hi @R_R_R,
thanks for the report, I’ll check it.

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Hi @R_R_R
a few comments; I recommend you to use this tool for concatenating the FASTQ files Concatenate. It is the UNIX version, and is supposed to be faster; the failure can be due to a memory issue. Regarding the different datasets files, the size provided by Galaxy is an estimation. I suggest you to count the lines of both files (the one in and in by using the Count lines tool.


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Thanks! I will give this a try!