delay in the job run (vsearch dereplication)


I have been working on metagenome data. I am using the vserach dereplication tool. And it has been running for two days and still it is showing the run status.

How much time will it usually take to complete? and is it a normal run time.
Please help and guide

Hi @Ghazal_Aziz,
it depends on your input data; did it finish successfully?


yes it did after 2 days. thankx

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I want to use GraphAln2 to view the community profile of my samples. but I am unable to. can you help ,me for the input file? what should be the input file
the following is the link for the GraphAln2 output which I am totally unable to understand.

Thank You

could you share the history with me? I haven’t access to the image.

Regarding the input file, this is an example: Graphaln2.



is this url helpful?

Yes, thanks!

According to the error report, it seems to be a bug in this script tools-iuc/export2graphlan.xml at master · galaxyproject/tools-iuc · GitHub. I’ll review it.


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