Download and Extract Reads in FASTA/Q -- times out at NCBI

Hey, I am using Download and Extract Reads in FASTA/Q from NCBI SRA. I am using .txt files to upload 15 - 20 samples at once. But recently I had a problem. Just couple of the samples would load. I repeated with the same series and I tried with a couple of series but not all of them would load. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Edit: when I am loading them one by one it works

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Hi - Check your text data of accession IDs. If it contains any trailing spaces after the accession ID, per line, that can cause problems.

After confirming extra spaces are not included, try running again. There have been sporadic reports of failures (processing time outs with the NCBI server). NCBI may be under heavy load.

We will also be updating the tool to the latest version at Galaxy Main near term. Tracking ticket:

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