Error for basically everything

Hi there! I have been running differential expression analysis on a lot of datasets and I have been computing z scores to identify significant genes for a few weeks now and everything was working fine when suddenly, no matter what tool I use (deseq, hisat2, table compute, filter etc), it gives me the same error: condor_submit failed. I have been using the same inputs for weeks now with no issue. The error occurred when I was calculating z scores from a normalised counts file (which I had done literally 10 seconds earlier with the same inputs, working just fine). Any idea what is happening?

Hi @Ioanina

This is a cluster failure. You should contact the administrators of the server where you are working.

Contact information was likely included in the original account activation email. If this was a public server, also check the homepage of the server, or in the known public Galaxy server directory listing here: Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub.

If you can’t find the contact, please post back the URL of the server and we might be able to help more here.

We had a temporary issue on yesterday, which resulted in this error for all new jobs over maybe half an hour, or so.
If you haven’t done so yet, you can now rerun each of your failed jobs and they should complete as expected again.

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